Tenerife Wild Flowers in UV Bee Vision

Here are some photographs of wild flowers I found in Tenerife. We were staying in Anaga in April when there are flowers coming out everywhere. Human-vision images are on the left, and honeybee vision is on the right. We didn’t have a species guide, so I haven’t identified them all.


These photographs were all taken with a Samsung NX1000 converted to full spectrum using a Novoflex Noflexar 35mm lens through a Baader UV/IR cut filter and Baader Venus-U filter. Photos were normalised against a sintered PTFE diffuse standard to control for lighting (visible in the last photo). Then I used my conversion software to map the reflectance images to human (CIE XYZ) and honeybee worker vision. The photos were then square-root transformed from linear cone-catch values to make them look more “normal” on monitors.

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