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The micaToolbox is being used by scientists across a huge range of disciplines for analysing images objective, and modelling animal-vision. The toolbox has also attracted collaborative partners, and has grown in features and complexity considerably over the past few years. We therefore decided to launch version 2 of the toolbox on a dedicated website: www.empiricalimaging.com . Here you’ll find a huge user guide (>50 articles currently), various tutorial videos, sample data, and an online forum. We hope that the forum will help to create a community user-base.

The BETA version of the QCPA framework and micaToolbox version 2 is now available at empiricalimaging.com ! This release makes a huge range of sophisticated animal vision modelling and analysis tools available to everyone. The BioRxiv pre-print manuscript detailing the QCPA framework is now available here.

The micaToolbox and QCPA framework are free and open-source tools. Additionally we have developed new techniques which mean all of these tools can be used with basic equipment, such as a smartphone and standard colour chart.

See a video guide introducing the micaToolbox and QCPA framework.

New features available in this release

The micaToolbox has undergone a significant number of changes to warrant the upgrade to version 2.0. Here is a summary of the additions:

The Quantitative Colour and Pattern Analysis (QCPA) Framework, which includes a vast range of image processing, visualisation and analysis tools, including:

Other major additions to the micaToolbox are:

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