Garden flowers in Bee vision

I’ve taken some time in lockdown to photograph the flowers in my garden in human and bee colour vision using ultraviolet photography. All of these images are shown in human colour vision (sRGB) on the left, and in honeybee colour vision on the right. Honeybee eyes have three receptor types, sensitive to green (MW), blue (SW) and ultraviolet (UV) respectively, and these are shown in place of human RGB. Images were processed using the micaToolbox I have developed along with others.

Below each image there is also a greyscale representation of each channel; from left to right human LW, MW, SW, then honeybee MW, SW and UV.

I took all of these images with either a full-spectrum converted Sony A7, or a full-spectrum Sony A6000, using a lens I designed and built myself for high transmission from 300-700nm with no focus shift. Visible images were taken with a Baader UV/IR blocking filter and UV images with a Baader venus-U filter.

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